This is a list of those current and past club members who have completed their round of the Munros and Corbetts as far as we know it. The term ‘compleater’ is an archaic term to describe those who have ascended all the 3,000 foot summits listed in Munros Tables at the time of their completion.

Those who complete the Munros can record their achievement with the Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC). They are then allocated a Munroist number and this will be recorded on the SMC website ( and also in the annual SMC Journal.

Roger Owen, Last Munro – Beinn Alligin, 1988. Last Corbett – Beinn Damph, 2003
Ron Spark, Last Munro – Carn Aosda, 1989
Frank Jack, Last Munro – Seana Bhraigh, 1989
Alistair Beeley, Last Munro – Maol Chean-dearg, 1990. Last Corbett –  Beinn Damph, 2003
Alan Munro, Last Munro – (1st round) An Teallach, 1991. Last Corbett – Beinn Trilleachan, 1998
Alan Henry, Last Munro – Buachaille Etive Mor, 1991. Last Corbett – Beinn Bhreac, 1996
Bud Campbell, Last Munro – Bidean Nam Bian, 1994. Last Corbett –  Beinn Bhreac, 1996
Graham Illing, Last Munro – 1994. Last Corbett – 1998. Last Graham – 2000
Ian Caird, Last Munro – Beinn Eighe, 1996
Karin Marshall, Last Munro – Slioch, 1997.  Last Corbett – Ben Aden, 2005. Last Graham – An Stac, 2016
Raymond Marshall, Last Munro – Slioch, 1997. Last Corbett – Ben Aden, 2005
Andy Christie, Last Munro – Ben Nevis, 1999
John McPherson, Last Munro – Meall Chuaich, 1999. Last Corbett – Sgurr  a’Choire-beithe, 2015
Jim Davidson, Last Munro – Buachaille Etive Mor, 1999
Archie McLean, Last Munro – Beinn Alligin, 1999
Linda Lawson, Last Munro – Ben More (Mull), 2004
Bill Lawson, Last Munro – Ben More (Mull), 2004
Alan Munro, Last Munro (2nd round) – Ben Cruachan, 2004
Jack Campbell, Last Munro – Beinn Mheadhoin, 2011