The club shall be known as the Stonehaven Mountaineering and Hillwalking Club.
The object of the club shall be to encourage mountaineering and hillwalking.


01)  Membership shall consist of full “Ordinary Members” accepted into the club at the discretion of the committee.

02)  Application for Membership, to be submitted to the General Secretary, must be in writing on an officially approved application form.

03)  Such application shall be considered and dealt with at the next committee meeting following submission. Applicants under the age of 16 shall require the written consent of a parent or guardian before being considered for membership.

04)  The committee shall have the power by unanimous vote to suspend or expel any member guilty of conduct that, in the opinion of the committee is prejudicial to the interests of the club.

05)  The annual subscription shall be decided at each AGM. Each financial year will be considered as running from 1st April to 31st March inclusive. Members admitted to the club after 1st October of any financial year shall be required to pay only half the subscription for that year.

06)  On payment of the current subscription a member becomes entitled to participate in all activities of the club and to vote at General Meetings


07)  The management of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of up to eight members including the following officials:
General Secretary
Outdoor Meets Secretary
Indoor Meets Secretary

The remainder being ordinary committee members.

08)  The committee shall be elected at the AGM: ordinary members shall retire after one year but shall be eligible for re-election: office bearers shall hold office for not more than two years but at that time will be eligible for re-election.

09)  Should a vacancy occur the committee shall have the power to co-op a member to act until the next AGM?

10)  The President shall, at meetings, act as chairman and hold the casting vote and will be responsible for preparing for submission to the AGM a report on the club’s progress during the preceding year.

11)  The duties of the General Secretary and Treasurer may be held separately or by the same person. The General Secretary will be responsible for recording and conducting the affairs of the committee and for preparing a minute of the AGM, which will be circulated to members. The Treasurer will have custody of the funds of the club and will prepare an annual statement for submission to the AGM.

12)  The Annual General Meeting shall take place on or before the 31st March. Motions for consideration at the AGM must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary, with at least one proposer and one seconder, a minimum of 21 days before the meeting. Motions will be circulated in the notice calling the meeting.


13) Four members shall constitute a quorum at a meeting or the committee.

14) The committee shall have the power to make rules to regulate the organisation of outings and the conduct of members at meetings of the club.


15) The constitution may be added to, or any existing article repealed or altered by a resolution at a General Meeting at which the majority for change is not less than two thirds of these voting; provided that the number voting is at least fifteen.

16) An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by the committee or by any ten members on presentation to the General Secretary of a petition signed by all of them together with a note of the business they wish to discuss.

17) The committee shall have discretionary powers to deal with any matter not provided for in the constitution.

Dissolution of the Club

18) In the event of the club winding up or the dissolution of the club any surplus assets shall be disposed of in such a manner, as the remaining members shall decide.

Rules on Outings

19) Any member who withdraws his/her application for booking a place on an outing after the last date allowed for this (such dates to be determined by the committee) becomes liable for his/her proportion at the cost of the outing or for such sums as the committee may decide.

20) Members are responsible for ensuring that they themselves and their guests are adequately clothed and equipped.

21) Members are responsible financially should their guests fail to fulfil bookings or fail to pay the proportionate cost of the outing.

22) Members or guests leaving an organised party during the course of a walk must personally notify the designated leader of that party of their intended route and schedule.