We welcome members to contribute to our Facebook Gallery page, perhaps with photographs of your more memorable trips and hikes. Don’t worry if your not a member, you can still browse all of the photo galleries.

Why Facebook?

We decided to use Facebook because there are no costs involved and the number of photo galleries available is virtually unlimited! This should allow us to grow the galleries and ultimately give our members somewhere to show off some of their great photography.

Each member is able to login, add information, photographs and comments to the page. At the moment the page is visible to everyone with or without a Facebook Account and all photos can be browsed.

Existing Facebook Users

If you have an existing Facebook Account and would like access to the SMHC Facebook Gallery, firstly, please click the link above to visit the SMHC Facebook Gallery then click the ‘Like’ button. Secondly, send the website administrator your email address used for logging onto your existing facebook account. You will then be added to the approved admins list giving you access via your own login.

Not keen on having a Facebook Account

Now for those who aren’t too keen on having a Facebook Account and perhaps worried about privacy, we can setup an account using a email address and set it to be fully private. You would only access this account for browsing the SMHC Facebook Gallery, adding information, photographs and comments. You would not use this as a regular Facebook page. No personal information is required for setup, only your name.

Please contact the website administrator who will set this up and send you login details with instructions. Don’t worry it’s quite easy.