Upload Guide for FB

As a club member and facebook user, if you are not yet registered to post on the SMHC page and wish to add your own photo galleries please contact us and we will arrange access. At present SMHC only accepts club members as active contributors to the page.

Firstly, make a new folder on your desktop and choose a name for your photo gallery, usually the name of the hill or walk you were on when the photos were taken. Add all of the photos you wish to upload to this folder.

Login to your own facebook account as per normal then click on the down arrow on the top right of the page (to the right of the Notification World Icon). Select ‘Manage Pages’ and select Stonehaven Mountaineering and Hillwalking Club.

The page should now go to the SMHC facebook page manager. Scroll down and click on ‘Photos’ on the main page navigation.
(Beneath the Club Logo).

To add a complete folder of images at once

Click on the ‘Albums’ button beneath the ‘Add photos/Add Video’ link at the top of the page and select ‘Create Album’.

This opens a dialogue box where you need to navigate to your folder of images you wish to upload. When you locate your folder click on one of the images, then press CTRL A on your keyboard to select them all.

Once you’ve selected your photos click on ‘open/add’ and the images will upload to the page into a brand new photo gallery.

When the upload is complete you will be able to see all of your photos on the page. You can enter the title of your Photo Album ie.’Lochnagar, May 2014′. Beneath this you can also add details of the author ie. ‘By Karin Marshall’

On the top right of the page you can add your location and date of the walk. Below each photo you can also add a title, funny captions or comment.

Clicking on a photo will allow you to tag those who were with you in particular photos by clicking on the ‘Tag Photo’ button.
Click and drag the pointer over the person on the image and then enter their name.

It’s worth checking through deleting any unwanted photos at this stage.

Now you are ready to publish your album – select ‘Post’ on the bottom right of the page. The album will be published on the SMHC page.

To add one or more images to an existing Photo Album

If you want to add an image or images to an existing photo album, click on ‘Photos’ on the main page (Beneath the Club Logo).

Then select the ‘Albums’ button beneath the ‘Add photos/Add Video’ link at the top of the page in order to view all of the photo albums.

Select the photo album you wish to add the photos to and click on the ‘Add Photos’ button. A dialogue box will open, browse to the photo or folder of photos you wish to upload to the album.

Follow the steps above for uploading a folder of photos to complete the upload.